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Events :
January 2013
Claude Rutault film at the Auditorium of the Museum in Strasbourg, France

January 2013
Stochastics at Les Arts au Mur, Pessac, France

December 2012
Alternative, Belgrade, Serbia, presentation of students' films from EsbaTALM

November 2012
Road End,
Train/Run, Stochastics, Studio Work screening, with Dumbphone and Foam Film presented at Opetka Ateliers, Cologne, Germany. Thanks to Peter Beyer for the invitation, the soup and the glühwein.

September 2012
In residence at York University Future Cinema Lab, Toronto, Canada, preparing work for the Land/Slide exhibition in September 2013.
Presentation of the project at the Centre for social innovation, Toronto.

July 2012

Stochastics at TIFF Bell Light Box in the Fractured Movement / Constituent Parts programme.

Full programme here

March 2012

Hot Society, Train/Run, Dumbphone, Road Ends, Home Turf at the Cultural House (Dom Kultura) auditorium, Studentski Grad, Belgrade, Serbia

February - March 2012

In residence at the Alternative, Belgrade, Serbia, working on a new project on the image of the scientist in popular culture.

December 2011

Xavier Veilhan film at the Auditorium of the Museum in Strasbourg, France

November - December 2011

Xanadu and John Ford's Point from Hot Society in Taxonomies at the Museum of the Object, Blois, France

Blois invitation here

Blois text here

October 2011

Stochastics at Jihlava International Documentary Festival, Czech Republic

September 2011

Lab Meeting associated with 25FPS Festival, Zagreb, Croatia

August 2011

Stochastics and Dumbphone at Videoholica, Varna, Bulgaria

July 2011

Stochastics at the Fab Festival of Fringe Film at Hanover Drive-in, Hanover, Ontario, Canada

Stochastics at Images Contre Nature, Marseille, France

June 2011

Stochastics at Coté Court, Pantin, France

April 2011

Projections at the nD Auditorium, Seoul, South Korea

Studio Work

Hot Society

A Fully Flipped Screen

Time Based Corrections, exhibition at Media+Space, Graduate School of Communication and Art, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea

Yonsei Show Poster here

Yonsei Show programme here

Stochastics at Experiments in Cinema, Albuquerque, New Mexico

March 2011

Stochastics at Regensberg Filmwoche, Germany

December 2010

In Situ, exhibition at the Agence d'Urbanisme, Orléans, France.

Orléans poster/press release (fr) here

Orléans video document here

Stochastics at the Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris

Stochastics at Tous Courts, Aix en Provence, France

Stochastics at Alternative, Belgrade, Serbia, Prize, Important cinematic work

November 2010

Stochastics at the H2O Gallery, Bercelona, Spain, during BAC!

Road Ends Here, Run/Train, Remade Loops and Stochastics at Tether Gallery, Nottingham, England

October 2010

Stochastics at KLEX, Annexe Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaisia

Stochastics at the International Animated Film Festival of Banja Luka, in Bosnia Herzegovina

Stochastics at the Festival de Cine Internacional de Ourense

September 2010

Stochastics at Film Forum Arsenals, Riga, Latvia

Stochastics at Ex-is, Seoul, South Korea

May 2010

Hot Society, Attention, Foam Film installed, Sapporo University of Education, Hokkaido, Japan

Hot Society, Attention, Asagaya Art School, Tokyo, Japan

Hot Society, Attention, Nippon Engineering College, Tokyo, Japan

Hot Society, Attention, Zokei University, Tokyo, Japan